The Hunting Consortium, Ltd.

On December 12th, 2016, Bob and Rob Kern from the Hunting Consortium will be speaking to us at our general meeting.

To learn more about The Hunting Consortium, Ltd. visit their website at Also, please check out their biographies below.

Robert P. Kern

Chief Executive Officer and founder of The Hunting Consortium, Ltd. , Bob Kern has been involved in hunting for over 50 years and in the hunting travel business for 40 years.  Bob has hunted extensively on 6 continents taking more than 170 species of big game.  He travels continuously throughout the year visiting operators represented by the firm, creating new programs, and supervising our field staff.  Bob is recognized as one of the most experienced and respected names in the adventure travel industry.  He served in Vietnam as an attack helicopter pilot with the 101st Airborne Division, and also flew missions for 5th Group Special Forces in Laos.  After the collapse of communism, Bob explored the remotest regions of Russia and the various republics of the former Soviet Union and developed dozens of new hunting tourism programs in that part of the world.  He reopened Romania to hunting tourism in 1990 and Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan in 1992.  Bob was the leading explorer for new hunting areas in western and northern China in the late 1990's.  Today he continues to open new destinations for hunters and vet new operators.  Bob Kern is a life member of Safari Club International (SCI) and has served as an International Director and as the Sub-chair for Asia on the Conservation Committee of SCI.  Bob also served as the Sub-chair for Europe and for Asia on the Trophy Records Committee.  Bob Kern is a life member of the International Professional Hunters Association, International Sheep Hunters Association, Wild Sheep Foundation, Grand Slam Club - Ovis, Dallas Safari Club, Houston Safari Club, the National Rifle Association, as well as a member of the Alaska Professional Hunters Association, and the American Association of International Professional Hunting & Fishing Consultants. 

Languages: English, German

Robert K. Kern

Marketing and advertising manager for the Hunting Consortium, Rob Kern has a degree in Global Affairs from George Mason University.  He has traveled the world over the last two decades, hunting on 5 continents (18 countries) and fishing many of the premier big game fishing locations around the world.  His experience includes dozens of popular hunt venues, including the mountains of Central Asia, Kamchatka in Russia, the swamps and plains of Southern Africa, and the Eucalyptus forests of Australia’s outback.  Rob manages the social media profile for the Hunting Consortium, as well as our blog and handles website development.  He coordinates our marketing strategy with leading professionals in the hunting, fishing, and travel industry. He also assists with our worldwide logistics issues and is our “equipment Guru” field testing new products from the finest firms in the industry.  He is our “go-to-guy” for questions on optics, clothing and gear of every kind.  Rob supervises the preparations for the several trade shows at which the firm exhibits each year in the USA and in Europe.  When not attending to his responsibilities at our office in Virginia, Rob makes numerous site visits each year with operators the Hunting Consortium represents, or exploring new areas being considered for new programs.  He advises and often accompanies our clients in the field.

Languages: English, German