2017 Jim Hall Hunt for Warriors


This hunt was held on December 4-6 2017 and was a special TWRA Quota
hunt for 14 disabled Soldiers and Veterans to participate. This was a shotgun/muzzleloader/archer
management hunt held on the state park golf course, where each hunter could harvest 2 two deer with
one buck allowed.
With the guidance of the Fall Creek Falls Golf Crew and Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency
(TWRA), they established 19 ground blind sites. The MUSIC CITY CHAPTER of SCI and the Friends of Fall
Creek Falls provided the 19 ground blinds that were used during the event. The hunters arrived on the
afternoon of the December 4th to the parks Lodge. TWRA set up a temporary range for the hunters to
check their weapons and then after that they were free until dinner was served. At the dinner
ceremony the hunters were matched up with a guide that would assist them throughout the hunt and
then they drew their hunt sites. The guides were volunteers from TWRA and MUSIC CITY CHAPTER of
SCI. These guides were there for the assistance, safety and general comradery. This event was a 2-day
hunt with a morning and afternoon session. With 4 am wake-up calls and breakfast from our chef we
met each morning at the golf course pro shop to disperse to the drawn hunt sites. Those participants
hunted each morning until 11:00. Then each day we had lunch, where our chef prepared hearty and
quick lunches for the hunters and during the lunch break the hunters re-drew their hunt sites. At least
those who did not tag out!!! Around 1 o’clock we dispersed back to the golf course pro shop to hunt the
afternoon until sunset. Saturday evening, we had a special dinner for the hunters with our chef
preparing a world class meal for all involved. During the evening we have a raffle for the hunters and
spend the time getting to know each other and to share hunting events of the day.
This event has been a truly blessed event for the MUSIC CITY CHAPTER of SCI! To be able to
grant 15 hunters that served our country the opportunity to hunt a closed golf course in a Tennessee
State Park was an awesome event. We had 15 hunters that harvested 14 deer, one was a nice 130 class
8 point that was shot on the last evening. This event is possible by the partnership of the State Park
Rangers, TWRA officers, the Golf course crew, students from Chattanooga State Community College, and
the Music City Chapter of SCI. The volunteers at this event do jobs like guiding the hunters, logistics,
tracking, checking in game, processing game, set up and take down of hunt sites, and our chef provides
all food and beverages for the entire event. Our chapter had 6 members guiding hunts and several
more providing transportation and other background duties. It was and is a truly great event for our
disabled military hunters and our Music City Chapter.

Event Gallery

Here are a few pictures from the hunt. For more, please visit our Facebook page.