Meet Jamy Traut!

Based in Namibia, Jamy Traut Safaris is a family-run operation dedicated to providing a small number of clients with an unequaled opportunity to hunt Africa's great game. A life-long resident of Namibia, Jamy is one of the most accomplished Professional Hunters working today and also one of the very few licensed to hunt dangerous game anywhere in the country. Personal attention, exclusive hunting areas, great food and a well-trained staff ensure that every aspect of safari life lives up to expectation. 

This is a unique opportunity to learn about hunting in Namibia. With its ethical and sustainable hunting practices, Namibia has become one of the top hunting destinations in Africa. The country is known for its large diversity in game, open landscapes as well as culture diversity and habitats. The word “Namibia” translates to “vast place” while the country covers 318,772 square miles. Namibia has a population of 2.3 million people and is one of the most stable multi-party democracies in Africa.

Conservation is one of the major cornerstones of the Namibian experience and Jamy is proud to uphold the traditions of ethical and fair-chase hunting. Jamy Traut Hunting Safaris not only focuses on providing a unique hunting experience, but is also dedicated to the long-term responsibilities of conservation together with its social responsibility. 

Jamy promotes ethical and sustained wildlife practices as a proud member of NAPHA (Namibian Professional Hunters Association, Dallas Safari Club and Safari Club International. He and his crew have also put the following social and environmental programs in place:    

    • Programs have been developed that introduced the relocation of White Rhino to privately owned land.

    • All the meat from their animals, from the elephant to the steenbok and duiker, is utilized to help sustain the local communities,

    • They have first hand involvement in anti-poaching units across Namibia.

    • Hunting camps have been converted to solar power.

    • A strict game management plan is maintained in cooperation with Namibian authorities to ensure that good quality trophies are taken year after year.

    • They are actively involved in management of human-wildlife conflicts with Elephants.

    • Work is done with the Africat Foundation in the north-west of Namibia to monitor Lion populations.

    • Contributions are made to conservation through education.

    • Donation programs are run in all areas where safaris are conducted or as needs arise.

    • They are involved with rural communities in Namibia to help build a better future for the youth.

"I have been on eight safaris in five different countries and can unequivocally say that Jamy is the finest professional hunter I have had the pleasure to be afield with."

Craig Boddington